Commercial Partnership Program

Commercial Partnership Program

Any lawn care equipment enrolled in this program will qualify for 24-hour turnaround or a free loaner machine. All new machines purchased will automatically be enrolled in the commercial partnership program at no charge for the first season.

Enrollment is very simple. First, bring the machine in for a preseason inspection and service before March 20. Second, authorize any additional repairs we recommend. Failure to perform manufactures scheduled maintenance will forfeit free loaner program.

For only $225.00 labor, parts are extra we will enroll your machine in the Commercial Partnership Program and perform the following inspection and service. This will enroll any machine in the Commercial Partnership Program for the season.


Change oil & filter Check & adjust carburetor
Replace spark plug Check & adjust governor
Replace fuel filter Perform compression test
Clean air filter(s)


Sharpen & balance blades Check gearboxes for leaks
Clean debris from deck Check gauge wheels
Check belts, pulleys Check spindle bearings


Clean battery terms & cables Check safety switches
Load test battery Check charging system


Top off fluids Adjust tracking controls
Check hoses & lines Lube all pivot points
Inspect belts, pulleys Lube & adjust contrl cables
Test & adjust brakes Power wash entire machine
  • Only machines enrolled in the Commercial Partnership Program will qualify for the free loaner.
  • $125.00 rental per day for all non enrolled machines applies.
  • Failure to complete our recommended service(s) may result in forfeiture of loaner privileges.
  • In order for this program to be successful, we need your cooperation to return the loaner clean, lubed and full of fuel within 24 hours of notification that repairs are completed. Any loaner not returned within 24 hours will automatically convert to a rental at $125.00 per day.
  • A $100.00 deposit is required on all loaner machines before going out.